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Scot Scala has earned Approved Trainer status and frequently conducts educational presentations, lectures, and leadership retreats on a regional, national, and international basis regarding topics important to the nonprofit sector.


Scot Scala is honored to have been selected by the Grant Professionals Association to provide comprehensive web-based training specifically to Early Career Professionals.  In conjunction with our Strategic Alliance Partner, Cyndi MacKenzie, we facilitate a "Next Level Training" series of educational webinars where participants learn many core competencies of the grants sector, while earning continuing education credits.

Providing training to the nonprofit sector is a significant component of the services that 

Scala & Associates offers to its clients.  We provide curriculum development and professional training that is facilitated either virtually or in-person, in partnership with our national training partners Instrumentl and Thompson Grants, or through our own specialized selections.

Our Upcoming Training Schedule

Designed with Your Needs in Mind!




"The Psychology of the Philanthropist ~ Understanding How a Donor Thinks is Essential to Your Prospect Research"

New England Development Research Association - NEDRACon Annual Conference

In-Person Presentation - Springfield, MA




"Best Practices for Developing the Competitive Edge in Your Grant Writing"

Grant Professionals Association - Next Level Training

Live Educational Webinar




"Preparation is Everything ~ How to Demonstrate Impact in Your Grant Reporting"

Grant Professionals Association - Next Level Training

Live Educational Webinar




"You Won...Now the Real Work Begins"

Grant Professionals Association - Next Level Training

Live Educational Webinar




"Mastering the Phases of the Pre-Award & Post-Award Grant Lifecycle"

Association of Fundraising Professionals Connecticut Chapter - Member Training

In-Person Half-Day Presentation - Location TBD




"Grant Funder Stewardship is All About Relationships...But with an Eye on DEI"

Grant Professionals Association - Next Level Training

Live Educational Webinar




"Think Like a CEO and Lead Your Grant Professionals Career"

Grant Professionals Association - Next Level Training

Live Educational Webinar

The Scot & Tracy Scala GPA Scholarship

We are pleased to announce the Scot & Tracy Scala Grant Professionals Association Early Career Membership Scholarship.  Mr. and Mrs. Scala established the scholarship to support individuals who are early in their careers and interested in furthering their professional development.  The scholarship pays the Early Career GPA Membership dues for one full year. 

GPA helps grant professionals to continually improve their knowledge and skills in grant research, proposal development, and post-award grant management.  They set the standard with a commitment to ethical practices, high-quality educational offerings, excellence in resources, and a community of professionals dedicated to serving the public good.  Visit the 'Learn More' link for information from the Grant Professionals Foundation about this scholarship opportunity.

We celebrate Dabney Brand

2022 Recipient of the Scot & Tracy Scala GPA Early Career Membership Scholarship

Conducting a training session for the Grant Professionals of Lower Hudson Chapter in White Plains, New York titled 

Ethics in Grantsmanship.

Presenting the training session Think Like a CEO and Lead Your Grant Professionals Career at the Grant Professionals Association New England Chapter Conference in Worcester, Massachusetts.

Tracy and Scot Scala preparing to present the training session Grants in Support of your Chapter Programs at the Soroptimist International of the Americas Biennial Convention in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Additional Training Selections

Our training sessions are designed for nonprofit organizations, their executive and development staff, and board members.  Below is just a small selection of educational offerings.  We will even tailor a session to meet your organization's specific needs.

"Ethics in Grantsmanship"

This workshop is an opportunity to discuss in detail the ways in which professional grant writers face ethical decisions.  Case examples and best practices will guide a lively and interactive discussion on an often misunderstood topic.

"Building a Top-Notch Professional Portfolio"

Innovation is key to a fund development professional's portfolio – but to achieve it, you have to continuously evolve, improve, and polish your professional experience, skills, and knowledge. You have to stay on top of your game and consistently engage in strategic activities that develop and advance how you think, work, and approach your career as a whole.  This workshops explores:

  • Being Your Own Career CEO
  • Developing Your Personal Brand
  • How to Get More Engaged
  • Tracking Your Successes

"Winning Grant Writing Skills...An Extreme Training Program"

This signature (beginner's level) training program provides an intensive review of the principles necessary to efficiently conduct research and effectively design well-written, winning grant proposals.  The program details numerous facets of proposal development including research, understanding goals, objectives and outcomes, articulating a solid needs statement, preparation of the executive summary, and common writing pitfalls.

"Fuel the Fire with Effective Fund Development"

This workshop provides a comprehensive and systematic look at fund development for the nonprofit sector.  The program discusses multiple winning approaches that will maximize a nonprofit’s ability to fulfill its mission.

"Transition from Grant Writer to Consultant...Painlessly"

This workshop candidly reviews the issues facing development professionals who are considering taking the plunge and starting their own consulting business.  The workshop has become a focal point at national industry conferences.

"How to Build Your Most Dynamic Fundraising Team...The Board"

This half-day, eye-opening workshop takes you through all of the critical components necessary for any nonprofit board of directors to become a team of powerful and fearless fundraisers - truly making a difference in an organization's mission!

"Individual Giving...Understanding Your Donors"

This presentation provides an honest approach to understanding the thinking patterns of individual donors, while exploring methods for cultivating the donor through relationship building.

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